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Poll: Could Georgia swing voters be problematic for state GOP candidates?

Georgia GOP House members were given talking points from a poll on what to say to swing voters before November's election.

Video: Write-in candidate, C. Ben Goff, seeks votes for Camden Co. Commissioner Post 2

Write-in candidate seeks voted for Camden County Commission Post 2

Melton’s distinguished career in banking comes to an end this month

Steve Melton has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in banking but when people remember him they wonder how tall he is and they...


Georgia Port Authority approves $92 million for rail expansion

Georgia Ports Authority looks to expand $92 million expansion to the rail road system.

Global Callcenter Solutions to create 600 jobs

Gov. Nathan Deal today announced that Global Callcenter Solutions (GCS), a call center consulting company, will create 600 jobs and invest $4.9 million.

Eggs in Georgia Recalled Over Salmonella Concerns

Check your eggs and double check at the supermarket.