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Caleb Lee Hutchinson’s homecoming day

Today is Caleb Lee Hutchinson's homecoming day in Dallas. The event will be filmed by ABC/American Idol® staff and will air at a later time. Be prepared for lots of fanfare.

The “Deportation Bus” is coming to Glynn and a southeast Georgia city near you

The "Deportation Bus" is coming to a Southeast GA city near you.

Georgia-based soldiers win title of Army’s ‘best tank crew

Four soldiers based in Georgia have won the title of the Army’s “best tank crew.” The troops assigned to the 2nd Brigade Armored Combat Team...


Fake doctor who worked in 4 states sentenced to prison

A federal judge has sentenced a woman described as a fake doctor who worked in four states to more than six years in prison. U.S....

US oil prices top $70 a barrel for the first time since 2014

U.S. oil prices crashed through the $70-a-barrel mark on Monday for the first time since late 2014, foreshadowing costlier gasoline and consumer goods. It’s not...