Picture credit - Trump at Texas rally. Texas Tribune.

President Trump spoke to a large crowd at a rally in Texas in support of Senator Ted Cruz’s re-election bid.

At the rally, Trump made an announcement on Monday that he plans to cut taxes by 10 percent for the middle class. However, there is no legislation on the docket that has been put forward by congressional Republicans.

Trump said the following at the rally in Houston, TX:

“We’re giving a middle-income tax reduction of about 10 percent. We’ll do the vote after the election.”

Trump also mentioned the 10 percent tax cuts at a rally in Nevada over the weekend:

“We are looking at a major tax cut of the middle-income people” and the president also said the Speaker Paul Ryan and other Republicans were developing a plan that will be presented before the midterm elections.

The Republicans and the President passed a large tax cut last year without a vote from any Democrat in the U.S. Senate (51-48). In the House last year, the tax cut passed down party line with 277 YES votes to 191 NO votes.

According to Bloomberg News, White House communications said on Monday that President Trump wants to include a second round of tax-cut legislation connected to what the House of Representatives passed in September.

Congress is in recess until after the mid-term elections.



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