A division of the American Library Association has voted to remove Laura Ingalls Wilder’s name from a major children’s book award over concerns with how the early-to-mid 20th century author portrayed blacks and Native Americans.

The Association for Library Service to Children’s board made the unanimous decision Saturday at a meeting in New Orleans. The name has been changed to the Children’s Literature Legacy Award.

The association says the work of Wilder — best known for her “Little House on the Prairie” novels — “includes expressions of stereotypical attitudes inconsistent with ALSC’s core values.”

The first award was given to Wilder in 1954. The ALSC says Wilder’s work continues to be published and read but her “legacy is complex” and “not universally embraced.”

The American Library Association is based in Chicago.

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  1. You are going too far! This is history and you can’t just erase history. This would be like if you just erase Phillis Wheatley’s book about how she came to America as a slave!

  2. What a bunch of pretentious jackasses. They made yet another mistake here. The writings they question are not imagined out of thin air, but are history, true history. Let’s get rid of Roots, Tom Sawyer, and the like. UGH.

  3. And so you people that sit on this panel think that Laura Ingalls Wilder is really gonna care that you took her name off the award?! And you obviously think that historical authors were really worried about whether or not someone in the future would be offended by their literature?! You are a bunch of idiots!

  4. Maybe next we can burn all the book that we don’t entirely agree with or don’t seem to fit in today’s moral structure! Moronic to say the least.

  5. As a child I read every one of those books and loved them!! History can not be erased.. it was what it was !! Move on to the future!!!

  6. When you remove a respected name from an award, you are likely to also remove the respect associated with that reward.

  7. I am appalled. What you’re telling our children is that if you disagree with someone, their feelings or life experiences are unimportant and have no value. We learn from history and our mistakes, these books could be used to discuss how we live together and learn from different cultures. Instead, we choose to ignore history and remove literature we don’t agree with, somewhat like Nazi Germany, or several communist regimes that come to mind. Shame on you!

  8. Don’t worry, if you don’t agree with people changing the name of the reward that they choose to give out because of the former namesake’s racist views at the time. You can go right ahead and spout that racism for historical purposes if it makes you feel better. Just no one will be naming awards after you either.


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