2014 file photo, voters cast their ballots in Hinsdale, Ill. A new poll by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and MTV finds that most Americans ages 15 to 34 think voting in the midterm elections gives their generation some say about how the government runs, and 79 percent of this group say leaders from their generation would do a better job running the country. (AP Photo/M. Spencer Green, File)

A lawsuit filed against Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp which would require Georgia to move to paper ballots before the November election will be heard in front of a judge, a notable win for those concerned about the current security of Georgia’s voting systems.

The federal lawsuit will be heard in court on September 17, less than two months before the November 6 election date.

WSAV reports:

Pleadings by Secretary Kemp’s legal team refer to the experts saying Georgia needs paper ballots as “so-called experts” who are only Ph.D. candidates, hackers, or low-level functionaries.  They also use the term “Luddite.”

Dr. Richard DeMillo is a world-renowned cyber security expert who says our system is one of the worst in the country. He’s quoted in WSAV saying:

“I have an appreciation for the complexity it takes. Like most people that look at it objectively, it’s about the worst in the country….In cybersecurity, we talk about channels, the internet is not the only communication channel, there are servers, programmed from other servers.”

DeMillo says the entire system should be thrown out.

The Secretary of State’s office maintains that the system is not online and is not hackable.



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