Gov.-Elect Brian Kemp meets supporters at a rally in Augusta. (Michael Holahan/The Augusta Chronicle via AP, File)

Candidate for Georgia Governor and Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr share how they plan to combat gang activity in the state.

On Wednesday, businessman Brian Kemp and Attorney General Chris Carr held a joint press conference to address the gang crisis and their plan to keep Georgia families safe.

According to law enforcement, Georgia has 71,000 gang members and over 1,500 suspected gang networks statewide. 157 counties and 155 school systems have reported a rise in gang activity.

Detailing his office’s Georgia Anti-Gang Network, Attorney General Carr said:

“Unfortunately, gang activity in Georgia is on the rise… gangs want to sell human beings, sell drugs, sell guns, and take advantage of the most vulnerable in our society. We now have an anti-gang network to work with our district attorneys and local law enforcement to go after these violent criminals and put them behind bars.”

“We have a gang crisis in Georgia,” said businessman Brian Kemp. “As a husband and father of three teenage daughters, I take this problem very seriously. Putting hardworking Georgians first means keeping our families safe from criminal organizations that are literally eroding the fabric of our communities and threatening the safety and security of our children.

“That’s why in April I stood with Cobb District Attorney Vic Reynolds to roll out our ‘Stop and Dismantle’ plan to make public safety reform and the eradication of these criminal gangs a top priority.

“We have to stop gang activity and dismantle the infrastructure of these criminal enterprises. I look forward to working with Attorney General Chris Carr to do just that.”

As Chairman of the Public Safety Committee in the State Senate, Kemp led bipartisan efforts to reform courthouse security. As Secretary of State, Kemp oversees an internal law enforcement division that conducts investigations in elections, corporations, securities, and licensing.

Sadly, radical Stacey Abrams continues to run from her own record and extreme agenda.

“Twice my opponent has skipped votes to crack down on sex trafficking,” said Kemp. “Twice she voted against tougher restrictions on sex offenders. She also voted against legislation to go after gang leadership and protect our men and women in uniform.

“Her ideas on healthcare, taxes, education and immigration are absolutely radical. But her record on public safety is downright offensive, extreme, and unacceptable.”

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  1. People should not vote for Brian “big government” Kemp because apparently he loves Nanny Big Government (NBG). I expect that he loves NBG’s $EX Offender Registries and loves pretending that they do something useful. For Kemp, there is no such thing as government that is too big, has too many laws, or spends too much money.

    Kemp will apparently continue the NBG “$EX offender” witch hunt as well. Directly contrary to what Kemp claims, Stacey Abrams was exactly right to vote “against tougher restrictions on sex offenders”. Because they were pure anti-factual, anti-American, useless, counterproductive idiocy.

    Firstly, there are literally zero informed, intelligent people who are unaware that the “$EX offender restrictions” that Brian Kemp loves are not needed or useful. Zero. Experts never supported them and never will. The laws are not needed, they don’t protect anyone, they cause grave harm to society overall, and they are counterproductive as well. Pure, through and through, idiotic social policy. Which is probably why Brian “big government” Kemp loves them.

    Secondly, if Brian Kemp thinks it is actually useful to have “$EX offender restrictions” then why did he not propose to have the same restrictions for people who have SHOT CHILDREN WITH GUNS?! Why does Brian Kemp want people who have SHOT CHILDREN WITH GUNS to live near schools and parks? Why does Brian Kemp want people who have SHOT CHILDREN WITH GUNS to be in schools and parks? I think the answer is so that they can get better shots.

    I’m sorry, but big government people like Brian Kemp have less than no credibility with their “$EX offender” witch hunt. If any of their lies were true, we would’ve create 100+ other national, public, lifetime Registries well over a decade ago. No Gun Offender Registry?!!! Not even conceivable. So don’t believe their lies.

    Stop the NBG witch hunt. Shrink big government. Vote against Brian “big government” Kemp. We need real Americans as leaders, not hate mongers who will brainlessly attack hated groups.


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