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Hurricane Michael’s damage assessment continues throughout the state.

The hurricane has changed the landscape of southwest Georgia and much of Georgia’s agribusiness industry which has taken over a $2 billion hit.

Many foresters met with the Georgia Forestry Commission last week to evaluate the damage to the industry. Hurricane Michael delivered over 125-150 mph winds to the area from all over southwest Georgia.

A combination of geospatial analysis, aerial, and field examinations show damage to more than two million acres of forestland impacted by Hurricane Michael.

Georgia Agricultural Commissioner Gary Black released the following update on Tuesday:

“We knew that the damage estimates from Hurricane Michael would be fluid and difficult to pinpoint. That has certainly been the case regarding the forestry numbers, with the latest estimates from the Georgia Forestry Commission establishing timbers losses well over $762 million. Unfortunately for our forestry community, this number went in the wrong direction and will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the industry for years to come. As more information continues to be gathered regarding Hurricane Michael’s impact on Georgia’s diverse agricultural economy, we will continue to pray and work for all the communities impacted by this catastrophic storm.”

Video footage of Forest Landowner Bainbridge Meeting, 10/25/18 (broken into five sections)

For the latest on the Georgia Department of Agriculture’s hurricane response efforts, visit agr.georgia.gov/gda-hurricane-response.aspx.

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