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On Thursday, a group of anti-nuclear weapons group called the “Kings Bay Plowshares” were identified for vandalizing some signs, sidewalks, and buildings with spray-paint that occurred on the Kings Bay Submarine Base in Kings Bay, GA.

Seven members of the Plowshares group obtained access to the nuclear submarine base, and it is not known how they entered the grounds of Kings Bay, according to a Base Spokesperson, Scott Bassett. The spokesperson for the base said no buildings or individuals were in danger.

According to local reports of other Plowshare members who did not partake in the protesting, the seven protesters entered the base through a fence and walked on.

“Carrying hammers and baby bottles of their own blood, the seven attempted to convert weapons of mass destruction,” according to a press release from the Kings Bay Plowshares.  The press release also stated that the Plowshares “brought an indictment charging the U.S. government for crimes against peace.”

All seven members are detained at the Camden County Sheriff’s Office where they are being charged with trespassing, defacing government property, and felony charges for possession of tools to commit a crime.

The Plowshares movement advocates for active resistance to war and nuclear weapons. The national group in recent years is looking to bring awareness to the nuclear stockpiling of weapons on Naval Submarine Bases in Bangor, Washington and Kings Bay, Georgia.

The protesters were all out of state.

  • Mark Peter Corville, 55 – New Haven, CT
  • Clare T Grady, 59 – Ithaca, NY
  • Michael Stephens Kelly, 69 – Los Gatos, CA
  • Elizabeth McAlister, 78 – Baltimore, MD
  • Patrick M Oneil, 61 – Garner, NC
  • Carmen Trotta, 55 – New York, NY
  • Hennessy, Martha Hennessy, 62 – Perkinsville, VT

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