Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner Ralph Hudgens is urging Georgians to change
the battery in their smoke alarm at the same time they change their clocks back to standard time this Sunday.

In conjunction with the “Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery” fire safety program
sponsored by the International Association of Fire Chiefs, Commissioner Hudgens says the
annual change from daylight saving time to standard time is a good reminder to make sure your smoke alarm is working properly. If your smoke alarm is more than 10 years old it should be replaced.

“If you have a smoke alarm, make sure it’s in working order,” Hudgens said. “Changing the
battery per the manufacturer’s recommendations and cleaning dust from the device are simple ways to ensure continued protection of your family and your property. Manufacturer’s instructions are specific to the batteries (brand and model) that must be used. The smoke alarm may not work properly if a different kind of battery is used. Having a working smoke alarm doubles the chances you will survive a fire in your home.”

In 2017, approximately 110 residential fires in Georgia resulted in 129 deaths. Of those fires, 99 of the homes did not have a working smoke alarm. This year, 80 Georgians have died in 67 residential fires, with only three of the homes having a working smoke alarm. Commissioner Hudgens also recommends additional safety measures by sleeping with your bedroom door closed as well as having a fire escape plan.

Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday, Nov. 4 at 2 a.m., when clocks are set back one hour.

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