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There are two prevailing strategies being used to impact voter turnout in the midterm elections of America — and specifically in Georgia:  self-financed media ad strategies and “everyday citizen” stakeholder relationship strategies.
A recent upsurge in self-financed ads is a particularly daunting challenge in Georgia’s race for Insurance Commissioner.
The fact Georgia has one of the largest wealth gaps in the country has become a major reference point for disparity in the Insurance Commissioner race.
The second prevailing strategy for impacting voter turnout is focused on committed stakeholder relationships with everyday citizens. Recent data shows that insurance premium stakeholders, predatory insurance reform stakeholders, community-based risk prevention advocates are organized and informed of the need for massive voter turnout in this election.
The degree to which this second strategy can bridge the “blue wave” and “red wall” stalemate may not only determine the outcome in Georgia’s Insurance Commissioner race — but prove a litmus test for the final outcome of Georgia’s lazer hot midterm’s.
Ms. Laws’ campaign has found themselves welcome in both the Democratic and Republican camps, both urban and rural settings. Not something as a first-time political campaigner  Laws has publicized, but something even the cordial, almost friendly interactions with her Republican opponent have seemed to acknowledge.
In both professional and consumer circles, Laws can talk the talk because she has walked the walk as an award-winning insurance professional and agent owner.  She offers solutions Republicans and Democrats can find common ground on. Her communications both on and off the campaign trail focus on protecting consumers, especially Georgia’s everyday consumers.
Her grassroots approach with a professional-able-to-swim-in-all-waters capability has kept her competitive, leveraging both the Democrats’ coordinated campaign opportunities and social media outreach — both hers and others.
If recent media assessments are any sign, Laws can ride on citizen participation momentum, and be highly competitive through Nov. 6th.  It could even be a breakthrough for the blue wave and the red wall — ushering in a new era of what across-the-aisle public policy looks like in a Georgia of the twenty-first century.
“Georgia’s high insurance rate hikes disproportionately affect our families, our seniors, and small businesses, too.  Georgians deserve to have an Insurance Commissioner whose first priority is to protect them as consumers.
“That’s why I want to support all Georgians – I know just how critical their vote is — that their vote does make the difference.  And it is their right to have their vote count.
“I’m cheering on our voters — and encouraging all Georgians who haven’t voted yet, to go vote now.
“Let’s make a change for the everyday consumers in Georgia!”

Published by Carrie Williams – originally published on S.E. Georgia Region News 

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