As a nine-car pileup occurred in front of Tires Plus in Lithia Springs occurred, Tim Smith, Justin Roberts, Ben Marsh, Shane Waddell and other staff members at Tires Plus jumped into action.  Rather than merely watching from the sidelines, these men decided to do something.  They ran toward blazing vehicles with fire extinguishers in hand, putting out vehicle fires and assisting those in need.  The heroic actions of these men no doubt saved lives that day. 

While the accident happened nearly two weeks ago, it is still fresh in the minds of many, and no doubt those who kept the vehicle fires at bay on that day.

On Thursday, Douglasville Mayor Pro Tem Richard Segal and Chief of Police Gary Sparks visited Tires Plus to present the staff with Douglasville’s newly created Medal of Service.  The Douglasville Medal of Service can be given by the Douglasville Mayor or City Councilmembers to individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the City of Douglasville or to humanity, through their talents services or in any other form.

Segal stated that the actions the staff took that day resulted in “saving a lot of lives and preventing further injury” and that he wanted to recognize them for that.

Tim Smith, Justin Roberts, Ben Marsh, Shane Waddell were all presented with the Douglasville Medal of Service for their actions after the crash.  Chief of Police Gary Sparks also presented members of the staff with Chief’s Coins, which are issued by the Douglasville Police Department.

Mayor Pro Tem Richard Segal stated that previously the City of Douglasville had no award to give to citizens in a circumstance such as this.

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