Douglasville Police Department released their annual End of the Year Report for 2017 recently.  Among the numbers:

Douglasville Police answered 70334 calls for service, wrote 12906 reports, worked 3020 accidents and made 2487 arrests.  They would also execute 11052 traffic stops, resulting in approximately 8464 citations.

Douglasville PD would have 105 documented uses of force in 2017, down from 117 in 2016.  Of the 70334 calls for service, force was used on 73 calls, and against a total number of 74 suspects.  None of the Uses of Force were deemed outside policy, whereas 1 use of force was deemed outside policy in 2016.

The most common use of force technique was soft hand” which would be used 79 times. Tasers were used 12 times and K9 officers were deployed with force used 5 times.

Pursuits increased in 2017 from 2016, with 25 pursuits occurring in 2017 as opposed to 19 in 2016.

33 complaints were received in 2017, with two being found to have merit.  One for Professional Image/Rudeness violations and one for Misconduct (driving).  29 commendations were received from citizens in 2017.

Douglasville Police Officers trained for an accumulated total of 13,215 hours in 2017 and offered 50 on-site training classes.

You can find the report here in it’s entirety. 


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