Justice Department move on health law has risks for GOP

The Trump administration’s decision to stop defending in court the Obama health law’s popular protections for consumers with pre-existing conditions could prove risky for Republicans in the midterm elections — and nudge premiums even higher.

Can Trump and Kim end Korean War?

Long a dream of Koreans on both sides of the world’s most heavily armed border, a peace treaty that finally ends the 68-year-old (and still counting) Korean War is now being hinted at by President Donald Trump ahead of his summit Tuesday with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

House takes up Trump-sponsored plan to cut $15B in spending

The House on Thursday took up a White House plan to cut almost $15 billion in unused government money.

Ryan contradicts Trump’s claim that the FBI planted a ‘spy

In a break with President Donald Trump, House Speaker Paul Ryan said Wednesday that he agrees there is no evidence that the FBI planted a “spy” in Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign in an effort to hurt his chances at the polls.

House bill would boost ports, dams and other water projects

The House is set to approve a nearly $3 billion bill to improve the nation’s ports, dams and harbors, protect against floods, restore shorelines and support other water-related projects.

First lady returns to public eye after ‘little rough patch’

The first lady showed herself in public Wednesday for the first time in nearly a month, seated alongside her husband, President Donald Trump, for a briefing on the federal government’s preparedness for the hurricane season that began June 1.

House GOP factions claim progress on immigration compromise

Members of Republican factions divided over immigration said Wednesday that they expect party leaders to present broad ideas for resolving the long-running dispute at a House GOP meeting Thursday. But there was no indication that a resolution to the party’s civil war over the issue was at hand.

Trump says US farmers will be treated fairly in trade talks

President Donald Trump is defending his tough trade negotiations with China, Canada and Mexico, saying that U.S. farmers have been treated “unfairly.”

End of an era? Tea party class of House Republicans fades

The Republican newcomers stunned Washington back in 2010 when they seized the House majority with bold promises to cut taxes and spending and to roll back what many viewed as Barack Obama’s presidential overreach.

Judge: ‘In God We Trust’ on money isn’t religion endorsement

A federal court has ruled that printing “In God We Trust” on U.S. currency doesn’t amount to a religious endorsement and therefore doesn’t violate the U.S. Constitution.