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Justice Department Smashes Records for Violent Crime, Gun Crime, Illegal Immigration Prosecutions, Increases Drug...

Under the leadership of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the Department of Justice charged the largest number of violent crime and firearm defendants in its...

$145M border wall contract awarded in parts of TX , Construction starts Feb. 2019

Border wall in Texas to start in February 2019. $145M contract

CPSC, Britax Settle Lawsuit Involving BOB Jogging Strollers

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has announced that it settled an administrative lawsuit against Britax Child Safety, Inc., of Fort Mill, South...

VA hospitals outperform private hospitals in most markets, according to Dartmouth study

According to an independent Dartmouth study recently published this week in Annals of Internal Medicine, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) hospitals outperform private hospitals in...

21-Year-Old Georgia Man Arrested for “Mass Casualty” Plot Against White House, DC

A Georgia man has been charged with planning a "mass casualty" attack on the White House and other locations in D.C

Volunteering Helps Keep Seniors Healthy, New Study Suggests

A new independent report that provides evidence that consistent volunteering can improve the health and well-being of people age 55 and older

US DOT: Strong Economy Has Americans Driving More than Ever Before

The 3.225 trillion miles driven in 2018 represents an increase of 12.2 billion miles over the previous year.

Dept of Interior Says $214.9 Million Going to Support Coastal Conservation and Hurricane Protection...

"The revenue generated from the oil and gas leases throughout the Gulf of Mexico play an extremely important role in protecting our coastlines."

Parkland, FL parents ask media not use Sante Fe, TX shooter’s name in reports

Parents of Parkland, FL school shooting victims send a message to the media.