Teachers channel momentum from strikes into midterm races

As they packed up their protest signs and returned to the classroom to finish out the school year, thousands of teachers turned their attention to a different fight: the midterm elections.

Gates, Zuckerberg team up on new education initiative

Tech titans look to team up help education.

Bill Gates pumps $158 million into push to combat US poverty

Gates' poverty initiative aligns to his education agenda.

Striking Arizona teachers win 20 percent raise, end walkout

Walk-out on the job may cause some to get fired, but AZ teachers got a 20% raise.

WW II veteran to graduate 68 years after leaving college

Like so many American soldiers returning home from World War II, Bob Barger started working a new job and going to college.

Texas university to treat masculinity as part of mental health program

Does masculinity need to be treated as a mental health issue?

Money from pot taxes doesn’t fix Colorado teachers’ problems

Colorado teachers want the weed money, but is it enough?

Thousands of teachers in Arizona, Colorado to protest

Teachers to protest at state capitols in Arizona and Colorado.

Study: Students who practice religion faithfully do best in school

The study shows that some of the gaps in achievement are not solely related to a lack of funding or economic disparity, but a lack of habits and positive social belief.

Parkland, FL parents demand changes to school district safety and discipline policies

After the marches and media firestorm over school safety since the shooting in Parkland, FL that killed 17, parents and educators demand safe schools from...