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Former City of Atlanta Employee Cited for Open Records Act Violations

“Openness and transparency in government are vital to upholding the public trust. I am confident that this action sends a clear message that the Georgia Open Records Act will be enforced,” said Attorney General Carr.

Gov. Kemp Appoints Shawnzia Thomas to Lead Georgia Commission on Equal Opportunity

The agency protects individuals in public employment from discrimination based on an individual's race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, or age and secures compliance with federal and state fair housing laws.

Bipartisan Bill Brings GA Lawmaker Salary to Over $56,000/Year, 3.5X Increase

A bill filed in the Georgia legislature would bring the the annual salary of Georgia lawmakers in line with median annual household income in Georgia, which would allow the pay to automatically adjust without legislative review should the median number increase or decrease.

Georgia hemp regulation proposal among most restrictive in the nation

The fee for processing in Georgia is set at $100,000, but the fee in Kentucky is $500/year and Pennsylvania has no fee at all. Both of these states already have programs up and running and have submitted additional pans to the USDA.

Georgia Lawmakers Draft Legislation to Regulate Hemp Cultivation

Parameters for hemp cultivation include giving the GBI and law enforcement written consent to inspect your property at any time and $100,000 annual fee if you want a license to process hemp in Georgia.

6 Senators Propose Training Requirements for Carry Licenses

Democrat lawmakers have brought forth legislation which would require training requirements for Georgians seeking to have a weapons carry license.

New Law Would Double Firefighter Pension Payout in Event of Death

A new bill filed in the Georgia House would double the pension payout for beneficiaries of firefighters .

Bill Would Require Drivers to Use Hazard Lights in School Zones

A bill filed in the Georgia legislature would require motorists to drive with their hazard lights on while in a school zone.

Secretary of State Opens Potential Voter Fraud Investigation

Superior Court Judge David Sweat has ordered a second redo election in response to evidence of voter fraud in the recent election for House District 28 conducted on December 4, 2018.

Senator David Perdue Meets With Attorney General Nominee William Barr

“William Barr’s extensive legal career in business, government, and private practice makes him a well-rounded choice for U.S. Attorney General. During our meeting, we...