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Judge overrules motions for Ryan Duke in Grinstead murder trial

Judge overrules motions in Ryan Duke trial

Defendants sentenced for $3.5M sweepstakes scam targeting the elderly

Five defendants were sentenced this week in a U.S. federal court in Georgia for scamming the elderly and some of them face deportation out of the United States. 

Two former bank tellers plead guilty to stealing $1.6M from a Georgia bank

Two Georgia bank tellers plead guilty to stealing $1.6 million.

Consumer Alert: Georgia’s AG Urges Consumers to Consider Toy Safety This Holiday Season

With holiday shopping season underway, Attorney General Chris Carr is reminding consumers to make toy safety a priority.

Iranian nationals charged for City Of Atlanta ransomware attack

Atlanta U.S. Attorney Charges Iranian nationals for City Of Atlanta ransomware attack

Two Minor Boys Charged with Murder in Georgia man’s death

A 33-year-old man is dead and two fifteen year old boys are behind bars. Authorities say two minor boys have been charged in the death...

Georgia Man Flees Courthouse During Child Rape Trial Just Ahead of Conviction

A Georgia man is on the run after facing trial for child rape and molestation. 45-year-old Don Martin, a former minister, fled from a courthouse...

Medical tech company agrees to pay $1.87M to resolve false claim allegations arising from...

A global medical technology company has agreed to pay Georgia the and federal government to resolve false claims for improper kickback payments to physicians. 

Georgia man arranges sex with 13-year-old boy with Snapchat, arrested

Georgia man used Snapchat to arrange sex with boy