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COLUMN: Georgia Shouldn’t Automatically Throw Minors in Adult Prison

OPINION: Marc Hyden talks about HB 440. If passed, Georgia officials would no longer place 17-year-olds in the adult justice system wholesale. Rather, they would only treat youths as adults in cases involving particularly heinous circumstances. In most scenarios, then, 17-year-olds would enter the juvenile system, where they would still pay for their crimes but also receive the care that they need to grow into law-abiding adults.

COLUMN: Our Country’s Leading Socialist

OPINION: Ken Herron discusses Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's views on private prisons, healthcare, the economy, housing, and more.

COLUMN: David Ralston is the Right Man to be Speaker of the Georgia House

OPINION: Jessica Szilagyi opines the issue of Speaker David Ralston and his alleged abuse of a state law that allows him to continue legal cases for legislative duties. In her column, she discusses why the Georgia House has earned the leadership of Ralston.

OPINION: The Government’s Role Isn’t to Take Away People’s Jobs

"When borrowers’ occupational licenses are suspended, they are prohibited from working in their professions. Without a job, it can be nearly impossible to satisfy one’s loan obligations. Thus, rather than helping borrowers repay their loans, the policy makes it more difficult for them to do so."

COLUMN: A Person of Integrity

"One of the places we see a lack of integrity is in our political candidates. We hope that any candidate that we support is a man or woman of integrity. A person of integrity will not use deception in order to be elected to an office."

LIGON: My Colleagues Will Produce Impactful and Sound Legislation.

OPINION: I am certain that working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle will produce impactful and sound legislation.

Secretary Ross: Trade Reciprocity Needed Now

OPINION: "We have zero tariffs on 61 percent of the total value of our imports, more than 17,000 product types. On thousands of additional products, our tariffs are lower than the tariffs other countries impose."

COLUMN: Georgia Doesn’t Need “Cagle’s Law” or 2-Party Consent

Senator Jeff Mullis and his pals want to make Georgia a 2-party consent state, which would meddle in the private conversations of individuals and limit a tool the media has used to shed light on poor behavior of elected officials for decades.

LIGON: Week 3 Under the Gold Dome

"Despite our day off on Tuesday in anticipation of inclement weather, we had a productive week of committee meetings here at the Capitol. I introduced two bills this week: Senate Bill 37 and Senate Bill 38. These bills provide clarity for certain legal processes by addressing procedure and unnecessary red tape."

COLUMN: The Radical Democrats

OPINION: "President Trump has agreed to a three week period to open the government and pay the workers that were on furlough. The story is not over. If the Democrats do not bargain in good faith the President must declare a National Emergency and build the partition with other funds if he expects to be reelected in 2020."