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Op-Ed: First District Congressional Candidate Lisa Ring seeks votes

First District Congressional Candidate seeks votes throughout Southeast Georgia.

Op-Ed: State Senate District 3 Candidate Dagen seeks votes to change current leadership

Op-Ed: Candidate for Senate District 3 wants voters to consider different leadership.

Op-Ed: Congressman Carter wants voters to send him back to Washington D.C.

Op-Ed: Carter reminds voters who they should send him back to D.C.

Op-Ed: Senator Ligon pledges a path of freedom for Southeast Georgia voters

Column: State Senator William Ligon gives his pledge to the voters of Senate District-3 about continuing a path for freedom.

Column: St. Marys, don’t get mad about tax increases and circular reasoning, vote

Column - To use a common phrase used in public discourse: “We have met the enemy and it is us.”

Column: Sheriff Proctor leads on School Resource Deputies

Sheriff Proctor leads on School Resource Deputies.

Column: Wilson announces candidacy for St. Marys City Council Post 1

The following is a local announcement from Candidate Mike Wilson that was published originally as a Facebook Post to a specific voting electorate that...

Column: Restructure the PSA now, Don’t wait until January

Opinion Piece -Restructuring of the PSA needs to start now

Column: St. Marys citizens are ‘woke’. Will the HOA style rules cure voter apathy?

Column - St Marys citizens are awake - If you do not get involved in politics, it will certainly involve you.

Op-Ed: “You need me on that wall”

"Representatives take an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution against both foreign and domestic enemies. During my time at the Capitol, I fought and stared down the many domestic enemies to our Constitution and wellbeing. "