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Steve Howard, Camden County Administrator and Spaceport Camden Project lead announced today that ABL SpaceSystems has signed a memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) with Camden County officials to explore future launch operations at Spaceport Camden. The MOU outlines how ABL Space Systems will work with Spaceport Camden to test, manufacture, assemble, and launch orbital vehicles in Camden County. The MOU is a precursor to a larger definitive agreement to be negotiated and signed no later than July 31, 2019.

ABL Space Systems is a small satellite launch provider started by former SpaceX
engineers. Their RS-1 vehicle is designed to place 900 kilograms into low earth orbit or
650 kilograms into sun-synchronous orbit. ABL has targeted 2020 for their first commercial launch and is interested in locating engineering, manufacturing and research and development in Camden County, in addition, to launch activities from Spaceport Camden.

“Over the last three years, we’ve put Camden County, Georgia on the map of every aerospace company in the United States,” said Steve Howard. “The idea that we are in
the midst of a new space race isn’t public relations spin or wishful thinking, it is evident
by the number of companies that contact me on a regular basis looking to work with Spaceport Camden. We decided to enter into this MOU with ABL Space Systems because of their talented team and their commitment to Georgia.”

Harry O’Hanley, CEO of ABL Space Systems, added, “The aerospace industry in Georgia
is strong and Georgia’s favorable business climate, Camden’s aerospace history, high tech military workforce and advantageous geographical location make Spaceport Camden a desirable location for both manufacturing and launching spacecraft. We signed this MOU with Camden County because we want to be on the ground floor of this exciting opportunity.”

On March 9th, Spaceport Camden is expected to release the long-awaited Environmental Impact Study. The public will be able to make public comments on the study in April.

Information provided by a press release from Spaceport Camden and Camden County Government

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