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The Kingsland City Council looks to vote for their contribution to sure-up the $700,000 shortfall for the Public Service Authority (PSA). The PSA is popularly known as the Camden County Recreation Center. However, the program also services the Woodbine Senior Center, local parks, and day camps.

Kingsland’s council and mayor look to contribute $220,977.00 which is based on a population formula. However, the Council seeks to fund their portion of the shortfall at $201,574.00 based on staff’s recommendation to fund the PSA based on the local tax digest.

The $700,000 shortfall does not include IRS payroll taxes. According to the database The Green Sheets,  over $2 million in Federal Government liens have been filed against Brunson and the PSA.


The shortfall is a result of the mismanagement and financial impropriety related to the firing and indictment of former executive director William Brunson. Brunson was charged and indicted by the Superior Court of Camden County with two counts of theft of government property for $38,500.

Each of the three cities and the county are expected to make up the shortfall based on an agreement that was signed between all four municipalities and the PSA in the 1990s.

On June 18th, the City of St. Marys approved to fund their portion at the full amount based on the population formula instead of the tax digest as recommended by Finance Director Jennifer Brown.

Each Municipality will donate the following to the PSA’s shortfall –

  • County Contribution – $222,180
  • St Marys – $237,230
  • Kingsland – $220,990
  • Woodbine – $19,600

Kingsland’s City Council agenda states the following about the $700,000 shortfall vote –

Camden County requests an additional $200,000 in immediate “short-term” PSA funding.

The total request for short-term funding from Kingsland is based on population (SPLOST Formula) for $220,977.00. The formula in the current funding agreement with the PSA is based on the tax digest and using that formula the amount would be $201,574.00. Any approved funding would be paid from General Fund revenue (tax digest) and not SPLOST revenue (population). If approved, staff recommends the tax digest based formula.

The PSA Board, which oversees the activities of the PSA, is made up of Kingsland Mayor Kenneth Smith, St. Marys Mayor John Morrissey, Woodbine Mayor William Parrot, County Commissioners Jimmy Starline and Chuck Clark. Mayor Kenneth Smith is the longest-serving member of the PSA Board.

The vote occurs on Monday, June 25th, 2018 at 6 PM at Kingsland City Hall Council Chambers.

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